Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Deathwatch Second Outing

So this time I was up against... well, this...

We were playing spearhead, in mission Retrieval.

I finished setting up first, and was poised to take the first turn. My opponent decided to try to seize... "let me just find that weighted dice" he joked.

"Ah, but now you've said that, we now won't believe you if you do seize" I joke back.

He rolls... a 6.


"Right" I say, still in jest "Roll it again to prove it isn't weighted"

Ha ha ha a good laugh is had by all, as he picks up the dice, casts it down the table... and rolls another 6.

"No no, it's not really"

Grabs dice, rolls again, gets a third 6. "SERIOUSLY?!?!"

"I didn't think you had weighted dice... I do NOW..."

Eventually, the dice started rolling other numbers, so we counted it as a seize, and he got to go first. He proceeded to decimate my forward shooting squad, just three survivors, who promptly teleported back out of range of the onslaught - hell, he was coming to me anyway, might as well stand back and soak it up now.

His forgefeinds proved brutally effective, although I wasn't helped by losing my stormshields ridiculously early. His terminators charged in and decimated one of the assault squads, but I spent command points to avoid losing first blood, which I took myself by killing the sorcerer - he'd already severely wounded himself with a miscast that smited 6 of my other shooting unit, so my firepower was severely curtailed from turn 2 onwards. I was left with watch master and assault squads trying valiantly to hold the centre against abaddon, terminators, forge fiends and chaos marines.

The watch master took abaddon out in combat after he'd received quite the peppering from my Corvus on a flypast. I had the survivors of the shooting units on an objective high in a building trying to blow up the forgefiends that were laying down fire into their position. The watch master was trying to finish off the terminator sergeant, and potentially reclaim an objective. At the end of turn 5, Rich was narrowly winning... I had fb, wl, lb, and one objective. He had 2 obj and a unit in LB. Unfortunately turn 6 he took out my terminators on the high objective. Losing me three points and my only realistic hope of killing his linebreaking forgefiends. The watchmaster being finished off in combat meant I was down to just a corvus and therefore legally tabled.

Overall, still a steep learning curve to switch from horde to elite army. At least I remembered my cluster launchers and auspex etc this time. It's just I've had two games now and been seized on both times. The first time got me a khorne army 12"+ closer. The second game lost me about 20% of my shooting, and several enemy units a hell of a lot closer. I'll feel a lot happier to give an assessment of how the army is doing if I can get at least one turn to go to plan. I know no plan survives contact with the enemy but, y'know, one turn might if you go first. Give me that one chance and lets see how we do from there...

Have a game lined up against elder next week, so at least I'll finally be battling xenos... plus they don't have a codex yet so hopefully we'll be on a more level playing field :P

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Death Watch First Outing

I got my Deathwatch army out for a game today... man, to go from orks to these ultra elite guys, it may take some getting used to.

I have no doubt people will pick holes in my army list... if I'm honest, I kinda got carried away dream-teaming and then clocked up the pints, yelped, dropped a few bits of wargear and cancelled the plans for other squads/vehicles until I start playing 3-4k games...

So, let's start with the list.

HQ WL Watch Master w Guardian SPear

T Kill Team 1
1 Watch sergeant w boltgun, 3 missile launcher vets, 4 boltgun vets, 1 vanguard vet 1 terminator vet with pair of lightning claws and a cyclone missile launcher.

T Kill Team 2
1 Watch sergeant w boltgun, 3 missile launcher vets, 4 boltgun vets, 1 vanguard vet 1 terminator vet with thunder hammer storm shield and a cyclone missile launcher.

T Kill Team 3
1 Watch sergeant with xenophase blade, 1 blackshield with two lightning claws, 3 heavy thunder hammer vets, 2 vets with stormshileds and chainswords, 2 vets bolt pistol and chainsword, 1 biker vet with teleport homer.

T Kill Team 4
1 Watch sergeant with xenophase blade, 1 blackshield with two lightning claws, 3 heavy thunder hammer vets, 2 vets with stormshileds and chainswords, 2 vets bolt pistol and chainsword, 1 biker vet with teleport homer.

Flyer Corvus, twin assault cannon, 2 blackstar rocket launchers, hurricane bolter, blackstar cluster launcher, auspex array

Flyer Corvus, twin assault cannon, 2 blackstar rocket launchers, hurricane bolter, blackstar cluster launcher, auspex array

So the basic idea is I have two very assaulty squads in the corvus. I have a firebase of a couple squads with support from my watch master, giving rerolls. I start the corvus to the flanks, and prepare a "bug out" place or two with the teleport homers.

The shooty units don't take morale tests thanks to the terminator, and the vanguard vet let's them fall back and still shoot. The terminator also let's them make use of the teleport homers.

The assault units can pack a hell of a punch, can make heroic interventions (and must if able) but can charge after disengaging thanks to the bike.

Ideal plan - set up firebase in middle, turn 1 move corvus in from flanks, do lots of shooting. turn 2 (presuming the enemy has advanced on my firebase) unload assault squads, corvus fly off to support fire, watch master joins the advancing assault squads, shooty squads provide cover/crack transports, assault squads get stuck in. If all goes pear shaped, teleport the shooty squads away to the prepared backup position.

So, did the plan survive contact with the enemy? The enemy consisting of couple units beserkers in rhinos, kharne, a lord, a term lord, a unit of terms, a unit of raptors, a unit of bloodcrushers, a knight, and 280 points in reserve for summoning (jesus chaos get a lot for their buck... deathwatch are PRICEY!)

well... kinda...

He seized, which was inconvenient. We were also playing cloak and shadows, so my shooting was all -1 to hit unless I spent command points. rather inconvenient. However spending a point did allow me to kill his knight turn 1. Good start. However due to him seizing he was already closer than I would have liked.

So turn 2 his beserkers and bloodcrushers butchered one of my shooty squads... the other units were positioning.

my turn 2 I unloaded, and went for him. one squad put a good dent into the bloodcrushers, and the storm shields worked wonders at stopping the AP -3 return attacks... but then the mounts hit at AP -1, and rather than waste the inv save on them, I decided to take a 4+ armour roll on normal guys... and failed 5 out of 6. ouch. had to spend 2 command points to make sure they stayed in the fight. The other squad annihilated the beserkers, and braced themselves for the wrath of kharne...

the wrath of kharne was brutal. he is a combat monster. He butchered his way through one squad, the remnants of the squad that had beat the bloodcrushers charged him, hit him in the face with a heavy thunder hammer but failed to kill him. He then finished off the watch master before advancing on the shooty squad at the top of the silos, making the charge at them (a risky overwatch given he was on 1W) and he then butchered the squad apart from the terminator... I just needed the terminator with the thunder hammer to kill him, and the game was mine (by this point he had nothing left that could climb the tower, and I was ahead on points, I could hide out for the win.) He swung, he hit. Kharne passed the invulnerable save. And just when I was thinking I could teleport to the fallback position and hide there, kharne used the last 3 CP to attack again, finishing him off, leaving me with just corvus - as units with the flyer battlefield role, they didn't count, I was tabled.

So yeah, thanks tournament douches, if it hadn't been for your bullshit that FAQ would never have come out... :P

Overall thoughts... deathwatch die pretty easy. I'm gonna keep going with the list as is, at least until it's all painted. Once I have a painted army, I will maybe look at changing things for different options. I seem, from what I have been reading, to be running too large and too well equipped squads. On the other hand, I liked the merging of abilities, the potential for synergy, and the fact that I should be getting first turn 5 games out of 6. Just not today.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Refinery Planet: Damonius Strandius

ok, not sure on the name yet, but here is my wargaming table... all the scenery painted to a basic standard that I am happy to call done enough for now. I may revisit it later for further weathering, but I have other priorities right now, and it is sufficient for the moment.

I doubt I'll cram absolutely all of this on a table at once for a game (the stargates are for a scenario anyway, and the void shield generator was more for a guard army list I used to have, which I haven't even costed for 8th yet, but otherwise... refinery, accompanying hab blocks. That's basically my table. Although in game I'd probably split some of the tanks up rather than have them all on one side...

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Unda Konstrukshun

Of late I have been painting some scenery for my wargames table, and I saved the centrepiece till last... well, almost. A late purchase of servo-hauler that I am still waiting for adequate weather to undercoat will now technically be the finishing touch, but that should be a quick and easy job, the big bad centrepiece for the table is now done.

It's basically a ruin that has been used as an ad hoc Stompa factory... once the servo haulers are done they will fit in perfectly with this construction site...

Admittedly I don't think the site is up to date with the health and safety executive... the orks aughta be careful, mistreating your workforce like that could cause them to rebel and rise up agai... oh...

But for now they beaver away at the innards, putting together the Reakta that will power the thing when complete. I also added in a couple trinkets from the servo hauler kit that fit in nicely...

We'll assume this guy is responsible for cutting the panels to the correct (ish) size...

I think this guy is delivering lunch, as he appears to have a very small squig in his hand... Ork equivalent of Subway anyone?

And why does this guy look so knackered? Well... he has a rather unenviable task...

Might take him a while...

Once the servo haulers are done I'll arrange it all into a cool setup and take some pics... don't think all of it will realistically fit on at once though, as I had a basic floor plan... then bought more... oops.

Friday, 28 July 2017

The Revolution Increases Pace

Those tricksy little grots have been scrawling their revolutionary slogans all over the scenery I have been painting for my ork infested refinery world. Damn them.

And to think, I undercoated their manticores and deathstrike missile launcher the other day... ungrateful little bastards...

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Board Game Corner: Tsuro, The Game of the Path

This is a classic and very quick simple fun game I have owned for some time. It is a great appetiser game. You may not spend an entire evening playing it, but you'll bash through a few sessions while waiting for the final member of the party to show up for the evenings main event.

It's very simple. Everyone gets a counter, that they put on a spot on the board. They are then dealt three path cards from the deck, all of which are unique.

Gameplay is simplicity itself. Taking turns, you place a path card so that it moves your piece. You then move your piece along the path. Move anyone else's piece that got "accidentally" caught with your path card along their path. Turn over.

Rules are simple. If you have an option to survive, you must. So no deliberately kamikazing someone you don't like just so they don't win. That isn't to say it can't be done, you can certainly shadow someone and make it highly likely you will clash, but it has to be a last resort.

Last one alive, wins.

It feels very much like Tron light-cycles, although I imagine it pre-dates it quite a bit...

So, as an example game, I have Blue, Green, Brown, Red.

One turn in...

Three turns each... Green has now put themselves in a rather precarious position. Blue is next to play, and their tile will interact with greens piece.

Blue plays this, which will safely see him through, while sending Green on a merry trail...

Everyone plays on, green included, as he hasn't been eliminated yet...

Here we see Green has managed to loop back out of the corner he was sent to, and back into the game...

Until Red plays this card... now, no matter what card green plays, it will loop him back to his demise.

A fait accompli, one down.


The rest play on. In my example game, Brown trapped himself a corner to his doom, leaving Blue and Red playing chicken in ever decreasing space... until Blue was left to play the decisive card between them, playing the card above...

I moved Red first as he was clearly a goner, but would Blue pull off a miraculous escape?


He does! He finds a path through the chaos to emerge victorious!

Right, now bear in mind, this game can be played by 8. You will swiftly understand the carnage and hilarity that will ensue.

Of course, as I said, after half an hour to an hour of this, people will be looking for something else. It won't sustain you for an entire evening, but I don't think it's meant to. It's as I said, an appetiser game. And there's nothing wrong with an evening entirely of appetiser games, but if that's the plan, it's like a meal. If you don't have a steak or proper meal to serve up, then offer a variety of appetisers. I don't just want cocktail sausages, I want cheese on sticks, chicken pieces, mini pizzas. It's like catering for a gathering, whether you do the party buffet or the come dine with me experience, that will very much depend on your guests. The same applies to a Games Evening. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Shelling out on Scenery

Actually that's not a very accurate title... I "shelled out" months back, and even then it was reasonably priced. I have however how finally built and painted it as part of my recent efforts to make an awesome looking wargames table to host games on.

Of course, with the paintjob on this fuel tank my title makes more sense.

The scenery I have is a collection of refinery and ruins. So my basic battlefield in my head is that there is a refinery, an obvious key strategic location, and a nearby settlement cos people need to work at the refinery. The settlement is in ruins because, well hab-blocks aren't important. You can fight through their to your hearts content. Just try not to damage the pipelines, nodding donkeys, or storage tanks.

I came up with the idea of an ork occupied refinery world, and I did for a while start a skitarii garrison, but the rules changed and the army didn't really look like it was gonna work how I wanted it to, from a background point of view, so I sold it on to a friend. But I had a third faction to share this battleships -  grots, rising in rebellion against their ork overlords.

Thus most of the scenery I am doing is littered with graffiti, supporting either the Orktober Revolution, the Grot uprising... or supporting the status quo, with Orks in charge. I decided that orks being orks, they might need a place to execute uppity grots and other troublemakers, and orks not being the most accurate marksmen for a firing squad they'd want to line the victims up in front of a solid structure... hence the rear side of this tank is looking a little more... weathered...

It'll all end in tears I'm sure...